Season 2002-2003



Lyndell Walsh

Maria Merletti


20; outgoing, intelligent, Anna’s confirmation sponsor, determined, friendly, romantic, sappy, communications major at Loyola

Natalie Shimizu 

Donna Colosi

(Maid of Honor)

20; sorority sister, attends Loyola, communications major

Heather Peirce 

Lana Francini

(Bride’s Maid, Sister) 

25; Marcus’ sister, owns a karaoke beauty shop.

Ashley Weber

Anna Francini

(Junior Bride’s Maid, Sister)

16; goes to MVHS, in drama, singer;  American Idol hopeful, sings at the wedding reception.

Tiffany Roberts

Betty Baker

(Bride’s Maid, Friend)

20; met Maria in 1st grade at De Portola(lived next door); angry she’s not maid of honor, got ditched for sorority sisters, dislikes Marcus

Anjali Gopalan   

Gianna Merletti

(Junior Bride’s Maid, Sister)

15; gum chewer, gossip, whiner

Judy Greengold

Belinda Merletti

(Mother of Bride)  

37; accountant for the family business, loves that fact that her daughter is marrying a doctor. 

Lisa Blair

Carmella Francini

(Mother of Groom)

40; a nurse, pushes Marcus to be a doctor so he can be better than his bum of a father.  Divorced 

Rachel Shiffman  

Natasha Girshnic

(Father of Groom’s Girlfriend)

30; very high fashion, a “trophy”, receptionist at a local Spa.

Rachel Drootin

Veronica Vixone

(Ex-Fiancé/Girlfriend of Groom)

22;  Marcus’ girlfriend at Saddleback; art major, makes jewelry and wears it.  Always looking for someone to buy it and has samples with her all the time.

Kassie  Reid 

Sister Mary Francis


25; Benito’s sister, loves to sing folk songs and sings at the wedding.

Sanaz  Tavassol 

Stephania Stephanelli

(Wedding Planner)

32; psycho, stressed, flustered

Mallory Dante

Sofia Hortensia


mid 20s; high energy, way into it, wants to be a fashion photographer

Lisa  Goins

Zaria Biscotte


60s; lunch lady turned caterer

Chelsea Brown

Rosa Francini

(Franco’s Grandmother)

60’s;  Loves to sing Italian songs and hip-hop dance.

Courtney Jorgenson

Trisha D’amico

(Drunk Aunt of Bride)

32;  Benito’s sister, waiting for her doctor husband Dominic D’amico, impatient and sick of always being alone at functions like this one.

Janelle Bel Isle

Carla Frostina


23; sexy, voluptuous, outgoing, fun-loving, was married to Micky @ 19.

Allison Temple  

Kathy Cannarozzi


“29”; Drama teacher at MVHS, Maria was in drama.

Courtney Rodriquez

Rachel Lipsky 

Jessica Smith

Jessica Miller

(Bitter Friends)

both 20; both lived next door to Maria, all were in girl scouts. Often referred to as “The Jessica’s”; they sing at the ceremony with Sister Mary Francis.





Kevin Fitzpatrick

Marcus Francini


20; went to Saddleback to save money for med school (pediatrician); transferred to UCLA, great sense of humor

Nick Thomas 

Mickey Portebello


25; went to Saddleback  with Marcus  and was married to Carla but they got divorced, he is the manager of the wedding band

Sam Brennan

Vinnie Romano


20; Ex-Boyfriend of Maria, meets Marcus at Saddleback , breaks up with Maria and sets them up.

Eddie Severen

Joey Revisi

(Best Man) 

20; gambler, friends for life with Marcus

Adam Hohneker

Paulo Merletti

(Brother of Maria, Usher)

24; works as a mechanic, hopes to open his own garage someday

Kenny Taft

Franco Francini

(Father of Groom)

45; owns an Italian Restaurant and is insulted that the Bride did not want him to cater the wedding. Divorced and currently dating Natasha Girshnic.

Danny Harnack

Benito Merletti

(Father of Bride)

42; Used Car Salesman, likes to shake hands and hand out business cards. Always trying to make a deal.

Brandon  Davar

Tomacio (Tommy) Vitalli

(Sexy Wedding Singer)

25; moved to MV to go to Saddleback dropped out and started a cover band.

Billy Studley

Alexander Popov


30; works with the wedding planner, a package deal. Dating the wedding planner as a perk of the job.

Christian Harrie 

Roberto Muchelli


37; grew up in Pompeii saw the Pope once but tells everyone that he know him, came to MV as part of his calling.